a new immersive mentorship program for dancers seeking artistic and business development in addition to movement training. the event will focus on helping each dancer answer the questions, "how do I make dance a career that works for me?" CREATE will focus on helping dancers use entrepreneurial skills, creative thinking, other skill sets and trades as well as their movement talent to help find their voice as an artist, leader, future business owner and dancer. attendees will help SDS founders create a day of our summer Nationals.

- movement classes

- artistic development and coaching sessions

- individual head shots with SDS Director of Photography

- attendees will be invited to join our Creative Team. headshots and  bio will be listed on our website.

- creative session to develop our Nationals. | a day of our nationals will be brought to SDS dancers by our "Creative Team". This team will work together with our founders at CREATE to develop a day of our Nationals.|

- FREE Nationals tuition


hour structured around building relationships with the create team. stressing the importance of entering both work and personal relationships with honesty, connection, and communication.


movement class: Mackenzie Crosley

the nature of this class will help dancers develop skill sets in implementing risk both in the classroom, professionally, and personally. special focus on how important risk is in the success of any venture and in the success of self.


movement class: Hilary McAlister

class will focus on finding and valuing your individual voice as an artist while seeing the importance of supporting the community around you.



movement class: Saskia Kivilo 

understanding your abilities have larger reach and must be accessed in order to fulfill your artistic responsibility to yourself and the growth of your professional pursuits.



- headshots: dancers working with Saskia in movement based photography

- professional/development coaching: dancers will select a profession track at check in and attend a small group discussion. these coaching sessions will ask dancer's their goals, ideas, dreams, and fears and help suggest possible career paths and encourage dancer's how to use their personal traits, skills and talents to set them up for success. 



implementing the blocks of connection, risk, value, artistic expressions, and growth to build our nationals. SDS founders will seek the dancer's opinions, input, and ideas as to what they'd like to experience to co-create a Nationals weekend unparalleled within our industry. tasks and conversations will range to compiling and submitting ideal faculty lists, structure of a day at nationals, branding and culture, marketing, community outreach, class topic ideas, and more.